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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

Visitors and Friends blog

Jancis Robertson OBE MW

Stephen Doyle

Everybody who is anybody in wine eventually makes it to Bloodwood.Some arrive to great fanfare and ceremony after their people have talked to our people who have responded to their people talking to our people about the imminent arrival of their people at our people's place. We make them welcome of course, but we are always rather relieved when their people move them on to the next people's place.

Others arrive with a smile and a notebook. They show genuine interest in what we are trying to do here at Bloodwood. A very select few also bring intelligence, wit and charm with them when they visit; add generousity of spirit and grace to the list and you begin to understand the privilege of a visit to your winery by Jancis Robinson, OBE., MW. Rhonda and I have enjoyed that experience at Bloodwood, and it is memories such as these which sustain us in this continually challenging industry.

A warm thank you Jancis from both of us for your continuing encouragement, support and criticism of Bloodwood wines over the years.