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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Irene Finneran

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Irene playing drums with her band The Jam Tarts. She insists she's the jam

Irene playing drums with her band The Jam Tarts. She insists she's the jam

Our particular friend Irene is always on hand to do impersonations of us if we need her to and she is just the best person to be around. In fact, if you are a regular visitor to Bloodwood, you may well have had the pleasure of a wine tasting conducted and performed by Irene. Not only does she conduct, but she also expertly plays most of the parts in any drama. One of our favourite wine tasting stories of hers concerns a hyper-active and over sexed kelpie of ours and his attentions for a confident ten year old son of a mature aged wine tasting father. I'll leave you to connect the dots, but the father, pausing mid-slurp over a particularly inviting Bloodwood Shiraz, catches the arching commotion out of the corner of his world weary eye. He pauses for but a brief moment, sighs the sigh only long lost memories evoke, and mumbles resignedly into his tasting glass."I know exactly how he (the kelpie) feels. OK, you had to be there, but try and get that sort of wine tasting experience at Dan murphy's.

Irene is a wonderful observer and participant in life generally, and a completely entertaining, caring and welcome visitor in ours. It is little known that Orange was named after Irene's hair and it is a better place for that fact. Thanks Rene..youknowwhoyouareandwearehappytoknowyou!