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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Shipping & Returns

Please note that because of the gentle nature of Australian freight companies the total number of bottles must be a multiple of 12 for successful delivery. 12 bottle cartons are the most resistant to damage. If we try to send bottles in smaller numbers they often end up getting broken in the mail, and may arrive as a mixture of broken glass and high quality cool climate wine-flavoured packaging.

Shipping is free within Australia


  • You order cases of 12 bottles (unless you are ordering magnum bottles). A 12 bottle case can be any combination of wines but we do need to ship in standard cases to help limit the possibility of breakage in transit.

  • Your order has comprehensive delivery information including:

  • Your Name and detailed street delivery address; Your telephone number in case the courier or we need to contact you; AND alternative delivery instructions in case you are not home when the courier calls.

NB. We can only send your order if all of the above information is available prior to despatch.


Our wines are only available within Australia. And that includes all 8,222 islands - especially Tasmania and more specifically Swansea (including the surrounding gravel roads). We do not ship to the United States, especially not to Mar-a-Lago.