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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Mark Cameron

Stephen Doyle

If he agrees with your broad philosophy on life, winemaking and the importance of giving young blokes a bit of a go, he says "yep!".

If he disagrees about the state of the nation or your approach to arrangement of barrels in the barrel hall the exclamation is invariably "Nope!" "What-The" is reserved for those extremely rare occasions where he is genuinely caught short of a "Yep" or a "Nope".

You can probably deduct from this that Mark is a man of few words. He is, in fact a man of action....when circumstances require. He is capable of doing the jobs of ten people half his age while he works his way up to another "Yep" "Nope" or "What-The" He is Bloodwood's philosopher in training..all he really needs now is a couple of large white standard poodles and a map telling him where other people think Vienna is. It won't be exactly there of course, and the spelling will be all wrong, but that, too is a problem Mark can fix. Like that other bloke philosophising around a few words like "will" and "life", he is an unattached late bloomer. And about the best friend Bloodwood has ever had the luck to encounter. Opposites, you see, do attract.

Thanks Mark.