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The King and Queen of Cuisine

Stephen Doyle

We are pleased to report that the sartorial and culinary tone of the good chefs of Orange continues to impress into the 21st Century.

After 150 years of outstanding restauranteurs and sommeliers sating the palates of the many discerning local diners of Greater Orange, it is wonderful to report to you all that Michael Manners and his main squeeze Josephine Jagger-Manners (formerly of the nationally renowned former Selkirks Restaurant, Orange) have gone out of their way to meld inconspicuously into the Orange food on-selling scene going forward. Not for them the quiet life of a two-hatted country restaurant and the thoroughly well deserved plaudits associated with Australian culinary celebrity. No, now they've now taken up the sausage challenge. You may never have experienced anything like their Selkirks House petit fours de rolled oats et infusion de te au lait but don't miss out on their Mick Borg inspired road kill verjuice matured chippolata de aujourdi, or any of the many mince inspired pasta themed delicacies. If you'd like to catch up, Michael and Josephine's current salon de tucker can now be found out the back of the Woollies carpark under the big green Manners and Borg sign.