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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Joe Corrigan

Stephen Doyle

In a previous life, Stephen had a modicum to do with a deceased educational institution which will remain nameless.

Orange Agricultural College was a wonderfully appropriate place for a librarian involved in the physical development of a new vineyard. It had a ready supply of strong young rural blokes in need of a good workout and a good, home cooked feed.

One amongst many of those lucky chaps and chapesses who continues to visit the old folks at Bloodwood is Joe Corrigan. Now while we all know Howlong is, contrary to popular perception, a town in the Riverina and not a piece of string, if I told you that Burrumbuttock is but a string's throw away from Howlong, then you'd be pretty close to where Joe hangs out. He is into sheep and crops and is now quite an old man. I delight in telling ex- students of the era that they are, today, around seven years older that I was when first I taught them. I was an old 34 year old coot when first we met, and now thew are all over 40 and feeling it. I blame it on the sun coming up every day!