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Virgo Dinner Party Blog

In my experience the eating habits of my Virgos are markedly different to those of our Leo friends.

They both want to look good at all costs. However, your typical Virgo eats practically and mostly for reasons of good health and well-being. Valuing cleanliness above everything else, being neat, tidy, and with a huge fear of filth and messiness, your Virgo generally doesn't actually cook. But if they do, it’s all a rather short order and short shrift affair. Shortcuts are definitely to order...

So if Virgos can't avoid cooking, recipes are followed to a tee. Needing minimal preparation, their catering is more victual arrangement than food preparation. Organisation though, is key, and swiftly cleaning up as they go locks down the deal.

If there is an aberrant interest in food, Virgos almost Biblically like to 'know' each intimate ingredient and analyse every process to its molecular conclusion. Usually, they will be atomically up to date by reading the latest reviews on what's fashionable and what's to be avoided. Virgos always know the latest goss in the food scene, and they take as much pleasure in checking out the restaurant's crockery and cutlery as  they do in what's actually on their plate. Being great listeners who never miss a detail, you can always rely on Virgos to freely share and defend their considerably considered opinions.


The approach of Spring is always an invitation to eat lighter, fresher and healthier foods. Nevertheless, there can always be some moderate consumption of chocolate at any time of year so we can all avoid any possible hint of magnesium deficiency.