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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

Cancerian Dinner Party blog


Stephen Doyle

I have featured venison in this course as we are fortunate to have lovely venison in Orange (you should check out Mandagery Creek Venison).

Use kangaroo for the Australian version - available in supermarkets I am told.

Red and green sauces are Christmas colours and so too for the accompanying salad. I always like to provide extra vegetables on the plate rather than just serving up proteins with a leaf of Brussels sprouts or two fennel fronds.

The protein doesn’t need to be a large serving, simply two small morsels of meat enjoyed slowly.

Just sear your pieces of room temperature venison. (In July 2015 in Orange our room temperature meat is cooler than the fridge!).

Tea smoke your garlic.


If you've already used spinach in the soup, then supplement pureed blanched snow peas or simply frozen peas for the green sauce

Pepe Saya makes cultured butter and some butters include truffle oil

Buy prepared dips for sauces, one beetroot the other a green pesto would suffice