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Stephen Doyle

The first time Del and I cooked goose, we cooked it at a fast pace and it was dreadful.

That was an expensive exercise. 

For Christmas in July we cooked our goose long and slow so it was well done in an oven bag with the meat falling off the bone.

Cook your 3 kilo goose (covered until the last 1/2 hour) at 160 ˚C for 3 hours.

(We called our goose "Bronwyn" so we knew when it was well and truly cooked and by including local saffron we turned Bronny into a golden goose).

There doesn't seem to be much meat on the goose so if your guests need volume stay with chicken or duck, or change your guests.

To roast your goose, prepare the skin as directed by Jamie Oliver:   

Spice Mix

Roast 1T coriander and 1T fennel seeds, 3 cloves, 2T salt and 1T pepper. I used lemon myrtle salt and Dorrigo pepper because I had them, some rosemary leaves and saffron (if you can justify expense and want a golden bird). Grind all the ingredients and rub inside the cavity and all over the oiled skin of the goose.

Quarter an orange and place it with cinnamon sticks into the cavity of the goose with some garlic cloves and then proceed as per Jamie's recipe above.

Serve your goose accompanied with the following vegetables:

  • Saffron potatoes roasted in goose fat
  • Brussels sprouts with prosciutto and walnut sauce
  • Dutch carrots braised in orange juice 
  • Roast onions stuffed with herbs


Substitute duck for goose, or go all out on the best chicken(s) you can buy.

Keep the cooking water from the Saffron Potatoes to make the sauce for the goose - you may have to boil it a bit more to thicken and reduce sufficiently.

Delete the Stuffed Onions from the menu if it's all too much.