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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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The Celebrity Stool

Stephen Doyle

The celebrity stool is an integral part of the Bloodwood experience. 

For a start, if you can find Bloodwood cellar door without using GPS technology, you automatically qualify as a Bloodwood celebrity. That means that you will be asked to give your own existential interpretation of the meaning behind the amazingly ambiguious etchings displayed below. Over the years, we've noticed that there is an inverse co-relation between the time it takes an individual to crack the code and their IQ. Shallow simple types with a gift for the bleedin' obvious get it straight away, whereas wine makers and other deep philosophical types stare at it for hours before it either jumps out at them, or the sun goes down on their egoes. Either way, the Eureka moment is just as rewarding, especially for us as we pretend to be sympathetic to their torment. We'd blame Ian Marr the local stone cutter and artist if we were you. Which we aren't. As far as we can tell.