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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Noel Parkes

Stephen Doyle

From near Parkes

Noel Parkes from near Parkes parks with a load of fire wood for the Cellar Door This bloke..well actually his father whose name was, yes you guessed it, Noel Parkes, cut all the original posts (seen in the background to this picture) for the vineyard..and now he, Noel Parkes the son, keeps us supplied with fire wood for the cellar door. As is the way in some Australian country families, Noel Parkes the son, has.. a son..any guesses as to his name? The original posts for the vineyard mostly come from Yeoval State forest near, um, ... Parkes. They are an untreated Australian hard wood called Iron Bark and have stood for the best and worst of thirty years in our vineyard. They will be gradually replaced as they are, ahem, written off over the next ten years or so by similar posts cut by Noel Parkes Junior. That's the junior son of the bloke above who is the son of Noel Parkes from Parkes. Are there any questions? There is a wonderful country effeciency in this sort of arrangement here at Bloodwood, and as far as the Taxation commissioner is aware, that's the way we like to keep things. Is that all clear?