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Ada and Kathleen

Stephen Doyle

Ada and Kathleen are extreme artists.  

In fact they are, in these days of rampant consumerism going forward, rare examples of individuals in our decaying society. Kathleen uses cotton and thread and cloth to make the most wonderful garments and hats, while Ada simply does what Ada does. This involves oil and water colour painting, pottery and living. When Bloodwood suffered a severe hail storm in 2000, before the smashed tissues of the vines had had time to dry and fall, a battered station wagon appeared on the road between the Riesling and the Chardonnay vineyard. A couple of hours later, Ada presented Rhonda and I with a magnificent wind swept, impressionistic vista over our sad vines as a permanent memory of the vintage we had, that day, lost to the elements. I fancy it was still drizzling on and off during the creation of the picture, and I am sure that sweet and very human gesture did a lot to help us regain perspective on that terrible day. But then again, Ada enjoys a challenge..In the face of the recent dust storm across eastern Australia, reportedly the worst in 70 years, Ada was attempting a landscape from the precipitous top of Mount Canobolas until gale force winds and driving dust tore the bull clips holding her picture to a convenient fence away in the storm. At times like this, says Ada, it is important not to grasp into the abyss for your disappearing work of art.

Let this be a lesson to us all.

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