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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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The Bloodwood Quartet

Stephen Doyle

Rehearsing in the cellar

The Bloodwood Quartet consists of Gemma Laing (violin), Christina Morris (violin), Laura Curotta (viola) and Robert Jackson (cello). When Robert and Laura approached us in 2006 with a request to use our name for their new Quartet, we were thrilled. We called for an audition (because we Bloodwood types can be extremely annoying) to make sure that they played as well as we made wine. We needn't have worried. They played beautifully, and we have become firm friends and supporters in everything they do as The Bloodwood Quartet. In retrospect, we only wish we could make wine as well as they play. And as we are both un-reconstructed hippies, Laura took it upon herself to arrange Lennon and McCartney's Eleanor Rigby just for us. This is what it sounded like live recently at a concert they gave before heading off (incognito) as Quartet Australis on a love-boat tour of the Pacific. Enjoy and thanks guys. Click here for their rendition of Eleanor Rigby