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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

Visitors and Friends blog

Mrs Margaret Whitlam (AO)

Stephen Doyle

Well may we say that everyone eventually visits Bloodwood.

When Mrs Whitlam breezed in, Bea Miles like and positively requested to taste our wines, we automatically reached for the big glasses. I felt a bit like one of Bea's cabbies. I turned into a doting fuss pot inquiring after Gough's health and her own recent battles with the press and generally smoothing her way where ever I could. Not that Margaret threatened to rip the doors of the Bloodwood ute or demand I drive her to Perth while she doggedly sang her latest version of the Internationale as the third bottle of Bloodwood Cabernet Franc took over. No, she did that long ago 19th November proud..right down to her imperious and commanding pose on the Celebrity stool.

Maintain the rage Mrs Whitlam..maintain the rage.