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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Geoffrey Chapman AC/DC and Bar

Stephen Doyle

There's no accounting for some people.

Just when you think you've gotten their number and you've figured out what makes them tick, their unbalanced approach to the ledger of life leaves you completely at a loss. GC AC/DC and Bar is one such individual. In his professional life he is all about balance and forecasts and planning ahead; in short, inside the office, for Geoffrey, things add up. His is the type of professional activity which is best carried out in a well-tailored suit and patent leather shoes. In his work world, Ray-Bans and silk ties are mandatory. But take one step away from the agricultural abacus and his true Op Shop self emerges. Give him the inside information on the latest pile of pre-loved Bric-a-brac down at Vinnies or access to a power washer and a pile of sticky picking buckets and he's as happy as an accountant with an unexpected reconciliation.

Vintage looks early this year Geoff.