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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Bloodwood Canopy Management Crew

Stephen Doyle

At Bloodwood we demand the best from our staff.The correct attire and attitude during shoot positioning across the entire outdoor staff is a pre-requisite to the successful completion of every foliage training session. In fact, we've become quite superstitious on this point. At this time of year there are quite a few ice laden bilious clouds with indigestion rolling about the firmament. And it takes not a lot to upset the cosmic balance. Hard rain and small berries on immature bunches are not a good mix. So when this mob of imports, dressed up to the nines, leaning on their shovels and blatantly drinking on the job turned up pretending to be professional vineyard labourers, we knew the gods would be tempted..and they were on the 08/12/2004. We have pictures of the hail stones and the smashed bunches to prove it! It's enough for us to apply for a subsidy from the EEC.