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Centa-Pak (packaging)

Stephen Doyle

Jeremy Scott of Centa-Pak, looking relaxed.

Yes I know that they can't spell, and from their business name they're not quite sure where they are or what it is they are doing, but they are our packaging suppliers and they are getting beta.

Our experience as a miniscule winery is that we are too small to be of any financial concern to most of the packaging companies we have dealt with over the years, and as a consequence it is really neither here nor there to the cardboard kings of Australia if Bloodwood gets what it orders, when it orders it. At least our local packager tries to meet our bottling dates, and seems genuinely concerned when it fails. Now we've made a hash of quite a few things during our chequered history at Bloodwood, so we know about stones and glass houses, and the fact is, Centa-Pak is improving. They have presented us with the best print job on our cartons we have seen to date, and their last delivery was on time and complete.

So we feel we can now finally recommend Jeremy and Andrew Scott at Centa-Pak as suppliers to Bloodwood.

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