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Saggitarius Dinner Party Blog


Stephen Doyle

You may choose from Christmas decorative cherries, a shortcut on cherry ripe, a supportive statement for France, double choc cherries, or Middle Eastern cherries ~ the Choc Cherry options are endless!

Here are some of my very best cherry recommendations:- 


Fresh summer cherries dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate.
I used Callebaut chocolate buttons melted in the microwave.


Place chocolate in microwave proof bowl.

Every 10-15 seconds take the chocolate out and stir, as you want the chocolate to slowly and evenly melt.

Leave some of the buttons not quite melted as they will melt entirely from the residual heat of the bowl and chocolate as you continue to stir.

Roll your just-melted chocolate covered cherries in your choice of decorative accompaniments:


Dragees from small to large, edible glitter, silver or gold leaf.

Dragees Cherries

Cherry Ripe Shortcut:

Coconut (to toast or not to toast?!)

Coconut (to toast or not to toast?!)

Chocolate on Chocolate:

Roll the chocolate coated cherry in chocolate shavings.

Flaked almonds, finely chopped hazelnuts or pistachios, etc.

Chock Nut

Middle Eastern:

Crumbled halva, sesame seeds, sweet dukka, dried rose petals or violets, Pashmak.

Middle Eastern Cherries

Middle Eastern Cherries

Flag Colours:

France, Australian Aboriginal Flag, Italy etc.

French Flag


Angel hair chilli strands.


Wrap your cherries in marzipan (coloured even!), or buttercream icing,
For a savoury flavour coat cherries with goat's curd or pate.

(Please let me know your favourite cherry-coated option!)


Serve cherries with bowls of melted chocolate (and coconut) for guests to dip into
Just serve fresh cherries.