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Saggitarius Dinner Party Blog


Stephen Doyle

Roesti style potatoes are crisp on the outside, creamy in the middle and lifted with a surprise splash of salty anchovy.

(My first encounter at adding a touch of anchovy to a potato bake came from an Anders Ousback recipe in an ancient Vogue Entertaining).

Best served with Bloodwood 2009 Chirac (Bubbly: 60% Chardonnay 40% Pinot Noir)

Serves 6 (approx. 3 morsels each)
5 good sized potatoes
10 drained anchovies
1 egg white (lightly whisked -optional)
Salt and pepper to taste
Peanut oil for frying
Christmas decoration of red and green- your choice
My choice was fairy floss chilli* and parsley
(*For the fairy floss chilli, see

Par-boil the potatoes first, cool and then coarsely grate them. Add a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Heat the peanut oil. Place 1/2 an anchovy in the middle of a 1T of grated potato. Fashion into an oval shape. If your potato isn't holding together, add some lightly beaten egg white to assist. Fry the potatoes in hot oil until they are crisp and golden. Drain on a paper towel and serve immediately.  

Use leftover mashed potato.