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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Bloodwood wines are made entirely from grapes grown on our Griffin Road Vineyards, Orange. Although each vintage in this cool area presents its own natural challenges our aim is to produce wines which are of a consistent high quality and which are identifiably Bloodwood in style. During the processing and maturation of each wine, every effort is made to ensure that the innate Regional characteristics of the fruit are protected. To this end, sulfur additions are kept to a necessary minimum and great care is taken to protect each wine from unnecessary oxidation and handling. Pinot Noir of course, is still a pain!

Vintage Chart 1983 TO 2019

Stephen Doyle

Bloodwood Vintage Chart 1983 to 2019


1983   Give us a chance..we hadn't even planted..but elsewhere, a very severe drought by contemporary standards.  4

1984   Quite wet with some hail and bird damage on control fruit...Good growing conditions for an establishing vineyard.  5

1985   Good growing season with very dry finish to late March. Encouraging fruit flavours, particularly the reds.  8

1986    Perfect growing season throughout; spice & cigars opportunistically enjoyed by vicarious  vulpine visitors.  7

1987     Cold growing conditions with heavy rain in early March, more tobacco leaf than cigars. An underdone vintage.  5

1988     Dry, early vintage. Good quality clean fruit. Cabernet tannins still fresh and exciting in late 2013.  8

1989     Potentially great vintage. We suffered a terrible hail storm at 10 pm on New  Year's Eve. Clean bowled.  0

1990    Moist season followed by a dry March and early April. Complete wines with rich fruit and fine acid balance.  7

1991    Drought year with vintage late-March. Low yields and intense flavours  resulting in densely coloured, long-lived reds.  8

1992    Cool and moist until late February, then sunshine. Finely balanced wines of moderate alcohols which have aged beautifully.  9

1993    Dry, cold winter followed by a testing, wet Spring. A late sunny vintage helped raise spirits. Riesling shone.  6

1994    Mild winter and a frost scare on 12th October. Dry harvest saw rich fruit and a first July Ice Riesling.  8

1995 Dry conditions continued.  Fruit quality was good across all varieties. Cabernet carried the flag.  6

1996 Drought hit with a vengeance. Perfect vintage conditions.  Intensely flavoured small berried Cabernet and tight Riesling.  7

1997 Another dry year.  Fine, well structured Chardonnay and riesling the best and a surprise late Riesling picked on 20th June.  7

1998 Hottest and driest year for decades. Early ripening richly flavoured wines. An exceptional Maurice Merlot Noir and Cabernet  release.  8

1999 A year for all seasons. Frost, hail, heat and rain at vintage. Good  Riesling and surprising Cabernet; some fine Chardonnay.  7

2000 See 1987, double it and add devastating hail, bird attacks and torrential vintage rain. Chirac best although Cabernet a surprise lately. Enough said!  3

2001 Dry season until mid-vintage hail and 91 mm from 11th to 17th March. Riesling, Schubert, Shiraz impress.  7

2002   Great season, drought vintage. Wonderful ripe, balanced fruit. Chardonnay, Pinot, Riesling and Shiraz all fine.  8

2003 Drought continued into very early, very warm vintage. All reds are good, especially Cabernet and Shiraz.  7

2004 Fair winter but drought continued. Dry cool vintage, low yields and  intense flavours. Reds & Chardonnay a bit special.  8

2005 Drought continues continuing. Excellent early growing season. Natural fruit/acid balance in all varieties. Pinot OK!  7

2006 Drought continues intensifying. Very clean growing season with early, healthy vintage. Riesling, Shiraz & Cabernet all good.  7

2007 Drought intensifies into strangulation mode until 200 mm over a tough vintage. Birds a real problem. Small crop, rare flavours. Chirac shone. 5

2008  Still droughty,but variable cooler early vintage .Moderate crops of clean fruit. Riesling, Malbec and Merlot Noir particularly fine.  8

2009  Dry enough but THE VINTAGE OF THE CENTURY!!. Moderate crops of clean fruit with great balance and texture. Take your pick, it's all good.  9

2010 A season for the skilled in the vineyard. A lot of winemaking but not a lot of wine, very good though it surely is. Schubert and Shiraz outstanding. 8

2011 A spring and summer which would have made Noah feel at home. Plenty of challenges met and overcome. Cabernet Franc blossoms. 6

2012 More rain, more pain. Low crops in low cloud just got us through to a dry vintage month. Excellent whites. Less is more. 7

2013 Record heat, record one day rainfall on 1st March followed by windiest month for years. In the end, very good reds and great whites. Pinot a surprise. 8

2014 Potential brown disaster followed by potential green disaster. 230 mm in 23 rainfall events over six weeks. Some fancy foot work required. Possibly a 7

2015 Normal yields of good, sound fruit after a fairly comfortable growing season. Excellent colour in all red varieties and a flavoursome lightness across the whites. Savoury Pinot Noir and juicy Cabernet Franc amongst the best. 7+

2016 Earliest vintage on record finishing on 6th March. Starting date last century was consistently around the 20th March. Very warm and stable finish after some good early summer rain. Ripeness across all varieties the feature. Whites generally better than the reds surprisingly but reds are fine enough. 8

2017 Wettest winter and spring since 2011 and the vineyard responded after such a long, dry period. Crops were healthy and plentiful with some good wines made after a warm, dry vintage month. Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir outstanding. 8

2018 Drought intensified after little Winter run-off. Stable and warm throughout with bush fires a concern for many. Moderate yields for those with well managed water. We began irrigation in August to support Spring growth. Good quality across the board with excellent pH and natural acid levels. Some very exciting wines made across all styles. 9

2019 Drought intensifies. Another Winter without run-off but a cool start to the growing season until New Year. Record heat wave in January and this warmth continued until early May. Generally low yields of disease free fruit needing a bit of care in the winery because vintage was so rushed. Alcohols needed controlling both in the vineyard and winery. Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cabernet outstanding presently. 8+