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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

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Bloodwood wines are made entirely from grapes grown on our Griffin Road Vineyards, Orange. Although each vintage in this cool area presents its own natural challenges our aim is to produce wines which are of a consistent high quality and which are identifiably Bloodwood in style. During the processing and maturation of each wine, every effort is made to ensure that the innate Regional characteristics of the fruit are protected. To this end, sulfur additions are kept to a necessary minimum and great care is taken to protect each wine from unnecessary oxidation and handling. Pinot Noir of course, is still a pain!

Vineyard Varietal Breakdown

Stephen Doyle

Bloodwood Vineyard Varietal Breakdown


Variety of VinePlantedSelectionVine SpacingNumberArea (Ha)Yield H/l
Merlot Noir1983French?1.5 by 3.0 m10000.4525
Merlot Noir1991D3V141.5 by 2.5 m15000.56239
 Sub Totals 2,5001.012 Ha64 H/l
Malbec1983Viral French?1.5 by 3.0 m8000.3630
Cabernet Franc1983Italian?1.5 by 3.0 m5000.2315
Cabernet Franc19841334 Bord1.2 by 3.0 m10000.3628
 Sub Total 15000.59 Ha43H/l
Cabernet Sauvignon1983SA1251.5 by 3.0 m2500.126
Cabernet Sauvignon1984SA1251.5 by 2.5 m35001.3128
Cabernet Sauvignon1991Lang Creek1.5 by 2.5 m20000.7510
 Sub Total 57502.18 Ha44H/l
Pinot Noir1984MV6/Gri1.5 by 2.5 m1000.0381
Pinot Noir1991MV6/Gri1.5 by 2.5 m7500.2810
 Sub Total 8500.318 Ha11 H/l
Shiraz1997PT231.8 by 3.015240.822 Ha35
  Sub Total 15240.822 Ha35 H/l
  Total Reds 12,1244.922197 H/l
Chardonnay1984Penfolds 581.2 by 2.5 m42001.2135
Chardonnay1994FVI10V51.5 by 3.030001.3545
  Sub Total 72002.5680 H/l
Riesling1984McWill. 1981.2 by 2.5 m2000.063
Riesling1985McWill.1981.2 by 2.5 m17500.5338
 Sub Total 19500.59 Ha41 H/l
 Total Whites 91503.15121

Grand Totals

 21,2748.072 Ha318 H/l