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Leo Dinner Party

The August birthday person is, well, august.

Astrologically speaking, they are Leo - the lion, king of the jungle, respected and impressive, king of the hill, top of the heap. A-number-one, top of the list. Their personalities are said to be strong and dignified, competent and naturally in charge.

And if you doubt that this is the case, just ask them...

Of course Leos are foodies and love spoiling their close friends with their excellent taste. Not content with rent-a-crowd (too many to compete with), a small intimate gathering is best for performance-driven Leos.

They enjoy dramatic elements in their foods with bright, fiery, sunny colours and citrus aromatics all with plenty of heart.  

We'll try for a start some fun festivities although nothing vulgar, and some spicy ethnic adventuresome food of some variety. The start is ravenously roaring (I well remember those newsreels' beginning with the boisterous Paramount lion at the cinema), so it's meat on meat with meat until dessert ... a "purr"fect finish for all you Leos.

I still wonder if the hairdos in the 60's were lion influenced, big bouffant hair with flipped up ends at the shoulders. Could still be fun with lots of discrete eyeliner, even if you are a bloke.  And you'll need candles, lots of elegant candles with the fire still roaring in the nearby undergrowth...