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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

Wine Styles

Unique Bloodwood wine styles from the Orange, NSW food and wine district. 

To fully understand the styles of wine we make at Bloodwood, you need to think of the symbiosis between wine and food. We believe good wine is really food, and that it should be explored and enjoyed in the context of a balanced meal in the company of people you honor. And as with balanced, wholesome food, good wine treated with the respect and restraint it deserves, can add enormously to your enjoyment of the best things in life. With this in mind, Rhonda and I have taken up the challenge of producing a range of high quality wines which enhance almost every stage of almost any balanced meal. So that's the challenge..if you enjoy fizzy cola and chock-tops at the local air-conditioned multiplex, our wines won't do much for you. If your imagination can stretch to our cool climate Shiraz alongside a black pepper sheep's milk yoghurt based ice cream overlooking your favourite summer beach, then we have something to explore together. From our bracingly fresh Chirac sparkling wine to begin a meal through our range of aromatic Rieslings, textural Chardonnays and classic Shiraz and Cabernet blends, all the way to the slinky Bloodwood Silk Purse to finish the nourishment of your body and your soul, there's a worthwhile Bloodwood style you can be proud to serve.