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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

The Viticultural Year

Every month presents its own special challenges for the cool climate winemaker

A successful vineyard is all about timing. Now we all would like to think we attract our fair share of luck in this world, but in the viticulture game, we always advise our friends into the belief that "luck" is something that happens to other people. While we believe that nature knows best in all things, if you adopt an approach to managing your vineyard which treats fortune as an absolute bonus and timing as your modus operandi, you will often make your own luck.
The Bloodwood approach is to have the vineyard potential as close to 100% as possible at bud burst, and to work throughout the year towards maintaining that ideal. This is pretty near impossible to achieve given the vagaries of the Australian climate, but with a sensible grasp of the technology of grape growing; an understanding that "timing" is all, and the realization that to totally control all aspects of the creation of a bottle of Bloodwood we'd first have to re-invent the Universe, what follows here is our attempt at viticulture in Orange. So grab your mouse by the short and curlies to check out what we do month by month through the wonderful Bloodwood growing year.