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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

Bloodwood Wine Press

He ist from Denmark and iz harving troubles with "arnimarles".

Stephen Doyle

And iz harving troubles with "arnimarles". According to Christian, who is but one of approximately five million Danes in Denmark but a very comfortable majority of Danish types at the excellent Reynolds Yarraman vineyard in the wild sandstone country of the Upper Hunter,"dees arnimarles are dicking holes in de vinyard and causing de tracator to overflip ven hitting at speed... oh yeas, and dees arnimarles are vombats wit dicking claws actif in de vinyard arose after sundown". How can you Australians tolerate such arnimarles and der dicking holes all over de place and zo on.

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Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

Stephen Doyle

Your typical crab is basically a pair of ragged claws; an armor-plated, hard-shelled and spiky sort of a conveyance which spends quite a bit of its day keeping quite extensive areas of its thorny profile low in a protectively subdued type of environment quite close to, or preferably beneath the surface of all things. It rarely goes out at night, but when it does, it is more likely to be moving decisively but suspiciously sideways, particularly if physically or emotionally challenged.

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