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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

2015 Shiraz (12 bottle case)


Sensational quality wine from the Orange, NSW wine growing region.

2015 Shiraz (12 bottle case)

bloodwood 2015 shiraz.jpg
bloodwood 2015 shiraz.jpg

2015 Shiraz (12 bottle case)


Brooding dark carmine in colour, the fleshy, blackcurrant and dark cherry tinged fruit from this vineyard, sits happily alongside a touch of charcuterie infused soy and star anise in the bouquet. This leads on to a gently balanced, yet persistent mid-weight palate of plums, spice and finely integrated French oak tannins. Medium term cellaring will add significantly to your enjoyment of this fine wine.

14.5% al/vol

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There are two Shiraz vineyards planted on Bloodwood; the Top Shiraz and the (ahem!) Bottom Shiraz vineyard. Although they are planted to the same clone; are exactly the same age and are both trained to Scott Henry trellis systems, they are on two different soil types. The Top Shiraz is planted on gravelly laminated siltstone at 840metres (Cote Blonde?) while the Bottom vineyard is on darker and slightly richer altered andesitic volcaniclastic conglomerate (Cote Brune?) at 820metres. The result of all this geological geomancy is that the lean top block provides the fruit and perfume while its lowly, higher yielding brother adds a neat dash of white pepper and liquorice to balance the wine in most years. We are enormously pleased to report that both vineyards contribute equally to the “sans Viognier” component of the resultant blend.

Vintage Conditions

Winter rainfall, (which mostly fell in early winter) was close to the average: 226.8/244.6mm while Spring rainfall was about 45% lower than average. 132.2/225mm. In summary, a very dry and cool lead in to bud-burst and early vine growth. Early summer rainfall in December and January was well above average (300/147 mm) which saved yields and brought the growing season into shape. We experienced much cooler conditions in mid-summer than we have for the last few years and this helped overall quality enormously. Coupled with well below average February rainfall and the driest March for more than 20 years, and we enjoyed a wonderful run up to and through vintage. The amazing thing is that we have seen moderate alcohols, low pH readings and good T/A readings even though most fruit has been picked up to three weeks earlier than is traditional. e.g. We used to begin harvest at Bloodwood on or about 20th March with Chardonnay. This year we actually picked our (14% +) Shiraz on 20th March. Yields were generally good across all varieties except in some vineyards caught by the extended cold outbreaks of early October to mid-November. Not so much a frosting but long chill hours causing restricted spring growth in vineyards already suffering from the dry late winter and early spring and at a vulnerable stage of growth. Chardonnay seemed to bear the brunt of the yield drop in these vineyards. Stand out varieties; All varieties performed well this year with a slight preference to the mid season varieties like Riesling; Cabernet Franc: Merlot although Shiraz looks better by the month.


As I’ve outlined elsewhere, we believe in macro oxygenation during the early fermentation process here at Bloodwood. And this wine is no exception. The top vineyard fruit was hand plunged with plenty of air in an open fermenter, whilst the bottom vineyard Shiraz was treated in the usual manner. A high proportion of whole berries are a constant in all our red ferments, and regular splash pumping over helps bring the tannins into shape early in the winemaking process. The wine spent 26 months in mostly older French oak hogsheads before sterile filtration and bottling in September 2017.

Wine Analysis

PH 3.58

Acidity 5.5g/l

Alc/Vol 14.5%

A nourishing shiraz as much for its cool, calm collect as for its savoury dusting of firm leather polished tannins, impeccably managed oak and dutiful acidity. This is quintessentially Australian, yet neither flecked by mint nor careening into bombast. Instead, dark fruit tones pay gentle homage to the Rhone with a melody of pepper and charcuterie notes a go-go while the resounding generosity of flavour across the wine’s mid-weighted bow brings it all back home.

95 points to 2025
— Mr Halliday’s Review of 2014 Shiraz
I love a good cool climate shiraz and this one is a pearler. Blackberry and cherry aromas engulf you, and the fruit on the palate is wonderfully rich too. Take a sip and you’ll detect red currants, chocolate and soft white spice. A modern spin on a classic grape variety.

Food: Beef Stew
Value: Amazing
— Ben Malouf, Daily Telegraph May 2015
Good colour for a wine rising four years of age; integrated French oak (from Burgundian coopers) has been woven through the spicy red and black cherry fruit of the bouquet, and of the supple, medium-bodied palate. Its balance and length may deceive you into treating this as a drink-now style, which in a sense it is, but it will also cellar well.

13.5% alc

Rating 94

Drink 2024
— Mr Halliday's Review of 2009 Shiraz
Good colour; an elegant medium-bodied wine, instantly attesting to its cool-grown origins, with supple mouthfeel to the medium-bodied palate; red fruits intermingle with black fruits, fine French oak and spice playing a positive role. Screwcap.

14% alc.

Rating 94

Drink 2017
— Mr Halliday's Review of 2007 Shiraz
Last night we tasted the 2013 Shiraz and it is amazing. Starting my tasting notes I wrote: “Could Grange be better than this??” It’s classic Bloodwood and a big statement for Orange.
— Denis Gaston -