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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia


Special music event in F.O.O.D Week

Mr Don Walker and Band In Concert at Bloodwood Winery Sunday 8th April

Mr Don Walker and Band
In Concert at Bloodwood Winery


It all started when…

In the early fifties, back when Grandpappy was in charge, there were two births at the Ayr District Hospital in deep, dark North Queensland. One went on to become a legend of the Australian music scene and the other was me. One went on to write Khe Sahn and the other invented Big Men In Tights. It is time these disparate desperates caught up and compared notes. Time we both “drifted north, to check things out again.”

For the next seven days only, as a member of the Bloodwood Mailing List, Rhonda and I would like to invite you to be one of the very privileged few to re-visit or discover the sublime musicianship and quintessentially Australian song writing genius of Mr. Don Walker and his fabulous band. Don is acknowledged as the principal creative behind Cold Chisel, writing many of their hits including Khe Sanh, Choir Girl, Cheap Wine and Flame Trees. His post-Chisel catalogue is every bit as impressive. 

As part of his Blacktop 2018 tour, and to coincide with Orange F.O.O.D Week, Don Walker and his band will be playing a one-off concert for guests at the Bloodwood Winery on April 8th. Only 150 tickets will be made available.

More information about Don Walker and the Blacktop 2018 tour schedule can be found on Don Walker's web site

If Don Walker was a winemaker, he’d probably be making wine at Bloodwood.