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+61 2 6362 5631

Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

Feast on Bloodwood

Cellar Door

We (that is, Rhonda and Stephen Doyle) planted the pioneering wine grape vineyard in the Spring of 1983. These Merlot Noir vines thrived in the warm, free-draining gravels of Bloodwood. The first vintage, yielding 650 litres of exciting varietal essence, duly followed in April 1986. Over the last three decades, we have cared for and nurtured those original vines on our Griffin Road property. Today, in their maturity, they offer the best potential for the production of the highest quality, cool climate fruit which is the enduring foundation of all our Bloodwood wine styles.

Feast on Bloodwood

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Bloodwood Trio.JPG
Bloodwood newtown 2.jpg
Bloodwood Trio.JPG

Feast on Bloodwood

from 25.00

See, Hear and Taste - experence a Bloodwood trio with friends.


Bloodwood  Wines
231 Griffin Rd


Sunday 27th August 2017


Bloodwood Musicians, bloodwood newtown  and Bloodwood Wines


Either call 02 6362 5631 or email

How the Bloodwood day starts

10.30 am:  

Welcome by Stephen Doyle of Bloodwood Wines
Morning Music by Bloodwood Musicians  Robert Jackson (conductor and cello) and Laura Curotta (viola)


Explore the correlations between music, food and wine.

  • Set 1 shades of Chardonnay with appropriate morsel,
  • Set 2 winter red with bite to eat
  • Set 3 Musicians choices

Afternoon Session

1.00 pm:

Introduction to bloodwood newtown by Rhonda Doyle of Bloodwood Wines

Sit down lunch.

  • Food  by bloodwood newtown restaurant. Chef Claire Von Buren and bloodwood sommelier Amanda.
  • Wine. Bloodwood new releases 2013 Cab Sauvignon and 2014 Merlot Noir

2-3.30 pm: 

Conducted wine tastings with selected cheeses. Direct your own tastings. Ask the Bloodwood team for wines -  the next, the current and the oldies

3:30 pm:

Dessert and tea and coffee.  

How the Bloodwood day ends  

4.15 pm:


Come join us