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Quality cool climate wine from the Orange wine growing region in New South Wales, Australia

2015 Silk Purse (12 bottle case)

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Sensational quality wine from the Orange, NSW wine growing region.

2015 Silk Purse (12 bottle case)

bloodwood 2015 silk purse.jpg
bloodwood 2015 silk purse.jpg

2015 Silk Purse (12 bottle case)


Light green gold in colour with gentle lime and honeysuckle aromas supporting the typical silky mouth-feel of this style of late picked lightly botrytised Bloodwood Riesling. Enjoyable drinking now with enough juicy acidity to warrant some time in your cellar.  

11.5% alc/Vol (375ml bottle)



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The grapes for the 2015 Silk Purse are sourced from the lower 8 rows of the Riesling vineyard. This vineyard faces due north on an 18 degree slope with the rows approximately South East North West in orientation on a Scott-Henry trellis system. The trellis is opened towards the top of the slope in a southerly direction allowing important late season sunlight to linger on the hanging fruit. The laminated siltstones and shales of the slope allow for very reliable drainage in wetter growing seasons and a generally warmer start to each growing season. This is a very important quality vineyard at Bloodwood.

Vintage Conditions

Winter/spring rainfall: Winter rainfall, (which mostly fell in early winter) was close to the average: 226.8/244.6mm while Spring rainfall was about 45% lower than average. 132.2/225mm. In summary, a very dry and cool lead in to budburst and early vine growth. 
Weather up to and including harvest; Early summer rainfall in December and January was well above average (300/147 mm) which saved yields and brought the vintage into shape. We experienced much cooler conditions in mid-summer than we have for the last few years and if early season botrytis was avoided on whites, this helped enormously. Coupled with well below average February rainfall and the driest March for more than 20 years, and we have had a wonderful run up to and through vintage. The amazing thing is that we have seen moderate alcohols; low pH readings and good T/A readings even though most fruit has been picked up to three weeks earlier than is traditional. e.g. We used to begin harvest at Bloodwood on or about 20th March with Chardonnay. This year we actually picked our (14% +) Shiraz on 20th March.  
Yield – low/moderate/high Yields were generally good across all varieties except in some vineyards caught by the extended cold outbreaks of early October to mid November. Not so much a frosting but long chill hours causing restricted spring growth in vineyards already suffering from the dry late winter and early spring and at a vulnerable stage of growth. Chardonnay seemed to bear the brunt of the yield drop in these vineyards. 

Stand out varieties; All varieties performed well this year with a slight preference to the mid season varieties like Riesling; Cabernet Franc: Merlot and Shiraz. But this is nit picking; We've had a great vintage.
Overall quality: High; see above.


The main consideration here was a clean, efficient ferment minimizing volatile acidity and extended ferment characters. At 36 Brix or more, the lightly botrytised grapes were hand-picked, hand-sorted and whole-bunch pressed to a small enclosed fermentation vessel and allowed to cold settle under C02 and around 20ppm S02. Following several rackings to help clarify the juice (and to recover as much of the sticky stuff as we could) it was warmed to 18C and inoculated with an very actively growing Champagne yeast, along with selected nutrients and a good dollop of hope. Fermentation was slow and steady at first, but encouraged with regular applications of warmth through the cooling jacket until we judged the alcohol level to be around the 10% mark. Following bench trials, protein and cold stabilization, the wine was sterile filtered and bottled in September 2015.

Wine Analysis

pH 3.07
Acidity 7.5 g/l
Alc/Vol 11.5%

Tasting Notes

Light green gold in colour with gentle lime and honeysuckle aromas supporting the typical silky mouth-feel of this style of late picked lightly botrytised Bloodwood Riesling. Enjoyable drinking now with enough juicy acidity to warrant some time in your cellar.  11.5% alc/Vol


The Silk Purse (aka Ice Riesling and Noble Riesling) is an occasional serendipitous miracle of Bloodwood. Over the years it has attracted praise from international wine writers and consistent general support from home. We’ll leave you to be the judge.
Stephen and Rhonda Doyle have been making wine in Orange since 1983, their vineyards planted at an elevation of 810 to 860 metres – very continental, and visited by snow and frost most winters. This wine is very long and intense, with pure Riesling fruit augmented (not subverted) by some botrytis; it has perfectly counterpoised sweetness and acidity. Screwcap; 10.5% alc/vol; to 2013 94 points
— Mr Halliday's Review of 2008 Silk Purse
Stephen and Rhonda Doyle are doyens of the Orange region, having set up shop in 1983. They produce excellent chardonnay and shiraz, but it is with Riesling, both dry and late harvest, that they have starred, as this late harvest wine shows. Pale straw-green; a truly delicious wine; juicy lime flavours intensified by a touch of botrytis, but without warping varietal character; the balance is immaculate, the sweetness balanced by acidity. Screwcap; 10.5% alc/vol.

Rating 95 points
— Mr Halliday's Review of 2009 Silk Purse
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